Programs and Services

These are programs for resources that are available to all Midnight Basketball Associates for use nationwide for youth and community enrichment programs.

We will be adding to these resources for all programs under The Association of Midnight Basketball.

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Add your programs and services for youth across the country! We are building and want o be involved with the right resources for the future of youth and kids. If you are a national organization or want to build in your own community, let us know! By filling in the form to exchange links with us. Tell us where the exchange link is at and we will call you and add your link to our directory. Lets help youth now across this land!

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Terms. The exchange of links is to support you and your giving back to save youth and community building. You understand that AMBLP will add your information to our link-building system once verification is made. We will sell your information to any outside parties. This is strictly for Youth, Families, and Communities to get information! We are all in this together and AMBLP has committed to doing just that for everyone’s future! We thank you ahead of time. Need more support? Contact Us!

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What Programs and Services does the Association of Midnight Basketball Provide?

Association of Midnight Basketball will provide the following services for all members:

(1) Exclusive use of the Association of Midnight Basketball name, logo, and trademark for each member chapter

(2) Training and technical support to all member chapters

(3) National Uniform Clearinghouse – Dixie Sporting Goods (BSN Sports) is the only company licensed to print the Association of Midnight Basketball logo and trademarks on uniforms and other paraphernelia.

(4) Public relations for all Association of Midnight Basketball Chapters

(5) Web Site recognition

(6) A national calendar of events and newsletter.

(7) Community Police Engagement Program

(8) The Kids Teamwork Club
Playing It Safe!
Children’s Safety Challenge Collection


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Support Your Local Association of Midnight Basketball

Association of Midnight Basketball is a non-profit organization and our program wouldn’t be possible without the donations we receive from local communities and individuals. Please donate to keep the Association of Association of Midnight Basketball going for youth across the country.

Apply Instantly to Sponsor an Association of Midnight Basketball in Your Community

Be a part of a program that helps prevent crime and encourage young men and women by providing alternative solutions in the prevention and intervention of troubled youth and youth in urban areas. Association of Midnight Basketball is a non-profit organization to help build community education and programs in local communities for young people to help build successful lives instead of violence. Apply online now to be a part of the action!

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