CHOICES to Become a FireFighter

by | Mar 6, 2020 | National News, Programs

CHOICES to become a Firefighter is part of the Association of Midnight Basketball programs offered to youth. 

The under representation of women and minority groups within corporate America is mirrored within the fire service. While great strides are being made, a continued and focused effort must continue.

Against this backdrop, Firefighter’s ABC’s formed the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council. We firmly believe that full representation of all societal segments, within the fire service, can and will be achieved. However, solutions will require heavy doses of creativity, ingenuity, new strategic initiatives and, broad alliances to offset the many challenges that abound.

We all recognize that the desire to become a firefighter is typically incubated at a relatively early age, especially when a young person relates to the uniformed person as a role model. However, this is less prevalent among minorities and women who might harbor the attitude of “If I don’t see any that look like me, then it’s probably not meant to be.”


To read more about the FireFighter’s ABC’s – please visit their web site.

If you are a Fire Chief please share with four other Fire Chiefs with at least one be from a state other than yours and kindly ask them to do the same.

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