Association of Midnight Basketball is a non-profit organization and we encourage people who want to help to donate to keep this program running. Donations are excepted by other organizations, sponsors and contributions.



1). Organized Basketball League: Played between the hours of 7 p.m. – 1 a.m. Participants must attend workshops before the games in order to play in the games that night.

2). Other sports might be used as the “hook or carrot” to get participants involved in the MBL, Inc Program. (soccer, softball, etc.)

3). Swimming Classes – Recreation Department and Red Cross

4). Physical Fitness Classes through the YMCA

5). Body Building – 24 Hour Fitness Membership

6). Chess Tournaments

You can now donate securely by using the ZellePay app on your Android® smartphone or Apple iPhone® or devices. ZellePay now connects with your banking in one easy-to-use secure app. We never see your information except for the email address and contact information you wish us to have.  See instructions for connecting your device today.

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