Health Education & Services

The Association of Midnight Basketball is a Comprehension Crime Prevention – Intervention, Education, Employment Service, and Recreational Program. Association of Midnight Basketball is a non-profit organization and we encourage people who want to help to donate to keep this program running. Donations are excepted by other organizations, sponsors and contributions.



1). Sex Education.

2). HIV/Aids Education.

3). Substance Abuse Prevention.

4). STD’s Education/Prevention.

5). General Health Information.

6). Donor Programs: (kidney, liver and all others).

7). Blood Donation Programs – Blood Bank and Blood Drives.

8). Health Services.

9). Screening Test: Cancer, High Blood Pressure, & Other Conditions.

10). CPR and First Aid Classes.

11). SCARED STIFF Program.( Gun Violence Prevention )

12).  Heart Screening and Physicals for the Participants

13). Sleep Disorders Workshops

14). Mental Health Referrals



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