Association of Midnight Basketball is a non-profit organization and we encourage people who want to help to donate to keep this program running. Donations are excepted by other organizations, sponsors and contributions.


“A people without their culture are a people without meaning, a people without their culture are a people with substance, a people without their culture are a people without identity, purpose, and direction a people without their culture,

are a dead people.”


1). Trips to different MBL Chapters to participants in their program.

2). Operas and Symphonies.

3). Camping Trips.

4). Snow Trips

5). Visit to places the participants have never been before.

6). Airplanes, Trains, and Boat Rides for the first time.

7). Pro Basketball, Football, and Basketball Games.

8). Visit Local City Governments (Mayor and Board of Supervisors)

9). Cultural competency, the process of incorporating, valuing, and celebrating the ethnic and cultural diversity of a community.

10). Enhancing Cultural Awareness.

11). Brother to Brother and Sister to Sister. ( Mentoring Programs)

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