The Association of Midnight Basketball is a Comprehension Crime Prevention – Intervention, Education, Employment Service, and Recreational Program. Association of Midnight Basketball is a non-profit organization and we encourage people who want to help to donate to keep this program running. Donations are excepted by other organizations, sponsors and contributions.


Employment COMPONENT

1). Job Readiness Workshops.

2). Resume’ Writing

3). Job Opportunities

4). Job Placement Assistance.

5). Paid Apprenticeship Programs.

6). Tutorial Programs for Paid Apprenticeship Programs.

7). How to Fill Out Job Applications.

8). Information and Referral Services.

9). On The Job Training (GAP, Nestle, etc).

10). Apprenticeships (Construction)

a). High School Graduate or
b). Minimum 18 years of age
c). Picture ID. (Drivers License, State ID, or Passport

11). Drug Testing to qualify for the Paid Apprenticeship

Apply Instantly to Sponsor an Association of Midnight Basketball in Your Community

Be a part of a program that helps prevent crime and encourage young men and women by providing alternative solutions in the prevention and intervention of troubled youth and youth in urban areas. Association of Midnight Basketball is a non-profit organization to help build community education and programs in local communities for young people to help build successful lives instead of violence. Apply online now to be a part of the action!

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