Fort Worth Pastor Kyev Tatum has created unique post-pandemic pop-up hubs to serve urban, rural, and other isolated communities.

The Redemption Bowl Popup Health Hubs has teamed up with USA Mobile Testing of Plano to help vaccinate thousands throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Pastor Kyev Tatum of the New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church in Fort Worth has spent years advocating for civil rights and health justice. His most recent Pop-up Health Hubs provide COVID-19 vaccines and testing in underserved communities.

Sponsored in part by the Coach and Preacher Show, Pastor Tatum uses his experience as a collegiate wide receiver and civil rights activist to lead change and demand equity. Hear about his creative and collaborative strategies to inspire you to do your part to make a difference. Learn more about Pastor Tatum:


In partnership with the New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church, our Popup Health Hubs will provide complimentarily:

COVID-19 Vaccines & Testing
Cloth Masks
Face Shields
Hand Sanitizer

For more information contact:

K.P. Tatum, Sr., Pastor
New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church
2864 Mississippi Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
817.966.7625, |

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