Music not Mischief in San Antonio

Oct 19, 2015 | National News

On the city’s East Side kids are finding a way to stay out of trouble and gangs.   Inside Greater Love Missionary Baptist Church, Mark B. Spencer, has been working as the musical director with the youth.

Some of those here say that music and the program is a safe haven.  Jamarae Stronge says music redirected his energy to something positive. Stronge had been involved in a gang and says he had many close calls.

The program has about 40-50 kids who participate.  The coaches are also young men and women who had their own brush with trouble.  Their safety net, music within the walls of the church.

Spencer says that getting kids is not a problem.  The problem is funding to be able to do this type of work 7 days a week.

See the video of Fox San Antonio Music not Mischief 

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