New Book Out – Black Teens Guide To Navigating Employment

by | Oct 21, 2020 | National News

Y’all Hiring? is a practical, culturally-relevant guide for black youth seeking to obtain, maintain, and exit a job in a thoughtful manner. This book provides a much-needed framework that reminds you of your greatness while preparing you for the world of work.

Filled with actionable steps and real-world analysis, this book offers useful advice on:

√ Understanding and challenging workplace discrimination

√ Maintaining your cultural integrity regardless of where you work

√ Strategically exiting your job and planning the next phase of your journey

√ Improving your résumé to reflect your best self

√ Managing inevitable workplace stress

√ Becoming the young professional you are destined to be

See more about the book by Albert Phillips Jr. Y’all Hiring?: The Black Teen’s Guide to Navigating Employment

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