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“Established in 1986 to combat youth delinquent behaviors, MIDNIGHT BASKETBALL is EVERYTHING but a Basketball Program!!! Our history of achieving lower crime and incarceration rates works BECAUSE we understand the power of establishing healthy relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. CEO Larry C. Gray, Jr., has long advocated “PREVENTION & INTERVENTION NOT AFTERVENTION.”

VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We are seeking to make an impactful message to our National leadership in Washington, DC as well as local, state, and federal support. DONATE between February 1, 2023, and February 28, 2023. We are asking all members of THE DIVINE 9 and HBCU Graduates and current attendees to donate $3 minimum to the cause. Reference that against your tax dollars paying an average $175K per year annually to house a teenager. Additionally, we’re seeking donations of time and effort so please forward this to another like you would a TIKTOC video. These kids are our future and most just want/need an opportunity.

Someone gave each of us that. Let us now become difference makers.

Without a doubt, our youth are needing our HELP and we are in a position to continue our PURPOSE. We are going to save lives, improve mental health, and educate and lead those who are less fortunate and want something different. Our SCARED STIFF PROGRAM is unlike any other in the country, and our program is blossoming in Ft. Worth, Texas, and our Atlanta, Georgia chapters. *see the website The “ASSOCIATION of MIDNIGHT BASKETBALL” is seeking donations and volunteers for the summer and beyond. We are seeking like-minded organizations that are community-based, and dedicated to assisting tomorrow’s TALENTED TENTH.

Please visit our website and donate ($3 minimum) and more importantly, pass this on to a friend, co-worker, or relative that could utilize an alternative opportunity to increase their individual and the community’s success. We’ve been active for 37 years and we need your HELP to save lives. We mandate at least 2 Officers at every sanctioned event and wherever our program is run, crime and juvenile delinquency are immediately reduced. Therefore, your altruistic endeavor is covered, and much appreciated.

Take 5 minutes to review our website and the tremendous opportunities within our programming. WE ARE GENERATIONAL CHANGE. We will provide an audit for every penny donated and most importantly, 100% of every penny will be utilized for our clients and their futures. WE ARE MIDNIGHT BASKETBALL!!!! This is our TIME and OUR YEAR.

Thank you for your time,
CEO- Mr. Larry C. Gray, Jr.,

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